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The Master of Professional Writing Program is a graduate degree program in professional writing.

Chatham University in Pennsylvania has is an online MPW program. The University of Southern California's MPW program will be closing in May 2016.

Master of Arts in Professional Writing at Kennesaw State University

Notable alumni of the USC program

  • Mark Andrus, author of As Good as It Gets and Life as a House
  • Margaret Davis, author of biographies of Mulholland and Doheny
  • Todd Brendan Fahey, author of Wisdom's Maw
  • Charlotte Laws, author and animal rights advocate
  • EM Lewis - playwright
  • Sandra Tsing Loh, radio commentator and author
  • Gina Nahai - author of Cry of the Peacock
  • Greg Rucka, writer of novels and comic books
  • Ann Seaman, author of biographies of Jimmy Swaggart and Madalyn O'Hair
  • Lee Wochner, plawright
  • Millicent Borges Accardi, National Endowment for the Arts winner poet

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Notable faculty, past and present, of the USC program

  • Shelley Berman - humor writing
  • Nan Cohen - poetry
  • Syd Field - screenwriting
  • Janet Fitch - fiction
  • Noel Riley Fitch - non-fiction
  • Donald Freed - playwriting
  • Amy Gerstler- poetry
  • Dana Goodyear- non-fiction
  • Janet Irvin - fiction
  • Irvin Kershner - cinema/TV
  • Jerome Lawrence - playwriting
  • Dinah Lenney - non-fiction
  • Gerald Locklin - poetry, fiction
  • Larry the Cable Guy - cinema/TV
  • MG Lord - non-fiction
  • Shelly Lowenkopf - fiction, publishing
  • David Scott Milton - playwriting
  • Gina Nahai - fiction
  • Gabrielle Pina - fiction
  • Robert Pirosh - cinema/TV
  • James Ragan - poetry, director for 25 years
  • John Rechy - fiction
  • Aram Saroyan - poetry, fiction
  • Hubert Selby Jr. - fiction
  • Melville Shavelson - cinema/TV
  • Gay Talese - non-fiction
  • Shirley Thomas - technical writing
  • Kenneth Turan - film
  • Lee Wochner, plawriting
  • Richard Yates - fiction
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